Don Miggs JazzBlaster / ToneBlaster - Miggs
Don picked up his first Bell (the JazzBlaster) in 2010. Since then, he's added the ToneBlaster to his managerie. Read Don's shining review of his Bell Custom Guitars here.

  Rocky Athas JazzBlaster - Rocky Athas Band
Rocky has always depended on Don to repair and customize all of his guitars. He would eventualy see the light and order himself a Hot Rod JazzBlaster. We are so proud to have this Texas legend grace our players page. More about Rocky.

"Texas veteran and smoking gun guitarist Rocky Athas fits easily in the same league of guitar gods as his long-time friends Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Johnson." - BluesWax Ezine
  Jamey Ice JazzBlaster - Green River Ordinance
Jamey was visiting Jerry Amalfitano's shop in early 2009 when Don happened by. After seeing Don's guitars, Jamey had to have one. He and Don worked up the guitar and the JazzBlaster's been Jamey's main axe ever since. Joining him onstage touring with such artists as Collective Soul, Mute Math, and Eisley to name a few. Check out Jamey and the JazzBlaster in the video for "Come On".
Jamie Ice talks about his Bell Custom Guitar. Video Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

Steve Stevens JazzBlaster - Billy Idol
Steve joined the family of BCG players during the summer of 2010. He's currently on tour with Billy in Europe and will be touring the USA as well. In addition to dominating the 80's airwaves with Billy, Steve is an in-demand hired gun in the studio and an accomplished solo artist. Read Steve's initial impression of the JazzBlaster. More about Steve.

  Ed Roland JazzBlaster & 2nd Gen.V - Collective Soul
Ed discovered Bell Custom Guitars while on tour with Jamey Ice and Green River Ordinance. Impressed with the look and the sound, he called us up and ordered two! With seven number one hits in their bag, were hoping the Bells will inspire seven more. More about Ed and the boys.

Dave O'Hearn Exploder 7 & Classic V - Shaolin Death Squad
Dave purchased this guitar at a local mega-store, and then hit up Don for an Explorer inspired seven string custom. The result was The Exploder 7. He has wielded this axe in such outfits as The Spectacle, The Stormtroopers of Blues, and Bat Castle. Dave is also the founder of Shred On practice replacement spray. Check out Dave and his mates independant, artist-driven record label, Do For It Records.

  Andy Godwin AG 7 - The Famine
I remember when Andy was knee-high to a grasshopper. It took about two minutes of playing guitar for him to surpass my abilities. A natural shredder, he needed a seven string that could match his abilities and style. He came to Don with a dream and left with a new best friend. Andy's the first Bell Custom Guitars artist to have his guitar built twice. Check out the guitar in the Famine's video for Consume, Devour, Repeat.
  Phil Traina JazzBlaster - The Finding
A friend of Jamey Ice, Phil is the principle singer and songwriter for The Finding, a Cali-based praise band that has it's roots in rock. Phil's guitar has already seen lots of action in it's brief time on earth, and will likely see some action in heaven, too.
  Brett Bledsoe ToneBlaster - Alvatross
Formerly a guitar traditionalist, Brett originally commissioned a Tele-style ash guitar. After playing the JazzBlaster at Don's shop, he decided to take the leap into the future and go with the wood/acrylic fusion. His is the one and only BellaBlaster. The inspiration and prototype for our ToneBlaster line of guitars. Brett is a Halo Lodge member and you will never know what that means. Formerly of Cervus, Amedigan.

Paul Reid Ahu Bass - Alvatross
Ok, this is me. I twisted Don's arm and he made me the first, and as of yet, only Bell Custom Guitar bass. The Ahu. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Bell Custom Guitar Tonar, as it will be mine! I know what it means to be a Halo Lodge member. Formerly of Cervus, Amedigan.

  Marc Daige "V" - Live 80
Marc plays in Dallas' ulimate party band. Can you guess the theme? He'd been a repair customer of ours for a while when he saw the Competition Orange V and decided to take it for a spin. After his first show with the guitar he and the soundman dubbed it an LP killer. More about Marc.

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