I first picked up a Bell Custom in late 2010 while on tour with Green River Ordinance. Jamey Ice is a big fan (of Bell Custom Guitars) and insisted I try his Jazzblaster. I am a collector of guitars, with my preference being older vintage models, so I was skeptical to say the least. Don't even get me started on the lights and acrylic body. This would never work for me! But I gave it a shot.

The sound! It was like combining some of my favorite classics into one guitar. And I was surprised how comfortable it felt in my hands. It wasn't cold or artificial. It felt worn and familiar and I was hooked.

Now I have two, with a third on its way. Miggs is about to enter the studio with legendary producer Phil Ramone (it would be an insult to even list his credits after 14 Grammy Awards!) and he will be seeing the Jazzblaster a lot. I expect his jokes to last about as long as it takes for his ears to hear the first waves of the sweet tone.

And I seem to be carrying on the sacred tradition of Bell players everywhere. We insist every guitarist we meet give it a test drive. It's nice to think we're all connected by another Bell enthusiast...

Don - Miggs


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