Jazzblaster Hot Rod

Cars and guitars, right?
You could easily just mount this guitar in your garage over your collection of exotic speedsters, but what fun is that? Take it down, plug it in and turn it up for a modified super-nitro burning funny car... you get the picture. Set neck, string through body bridge design and tone blasting plexi wings are the engine; your fingers provide the fuel. $3,100 US.

Body type: Maple/Plexi
Electronics: Three Way Switching
Pickups: Amalfitano P90
String through body
Translucent white
Fretboard: Rosewood, 22 Frets
Scale Length:
Neck Width at nut:
Chrome/Machine turned stainless steel pickguard and truss cover

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hand-wound pickups. View Amalfitano site.
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