Hi Don,
Thanks for answering so fast.
Great to hear that everything is going well with your developments.

Back in the 70’s I bought an old 335, and a Les Paul Junior.
Both guitars were about 25 years old at the time. I played both guitars for years in different projects – live gigs for the US army in Germany, as studio musician, Nena demos, Supermax demos as well as film music for my own project GANYMED.

Back in ’77, coming back home from a tour, both guitar cases dropped down from their perch with a big crash. Without opening any of the cases I already expected the worst.

Both necks were broken.

For more than 20 years I could not find anybody I trusted to repair the guitars. It was early 2009 when I met Rocky (Athas) at a John Mayall concert in Vienna. I asked him for help and if he knew of anyone I could trust with my instruments.

Rocky gave me the contact information of DON from Bell Custom Guitars. Contacting Don by Email, everything else happened in a very short time. A few days and plane rides later, I was at Don's shop in Venus, TX. When I met Don I could tell immediately he was a guy who loves his work and really knows what he is doing building new and repairing old guitars.

I want to say "thank you" to Don one more time for his perfect work repairing and refreshing both guitars, which are in perfect condition again. Everyone I have shown the guitars to here in Europe can’t believe how nice and perfect the repairs are.

I really can recommend Don to anybody who needs help. He will take special care and you can expect perfect work.

- Gerry Edmond

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