The Difference Is Clear...
More of what you want, less of what you don't.

Bell Custom Guitar bodies are a fusion of top shelf tone-wood and high-grade acrylic. The pickups and bridge are centered and contained within the wood portion of the guitar allowing the wood to create the tone of the instrument.

"I set out to make the acrylic sound better, but ended up improving the sound of the wood." - Don Bell   

The difference is the acrylic "wings". The acrylic absorbs the vibration from the wood and presents the tone in a focused manner. The highs sparkle without harshness or shrill. The midrange is just that, clear and clean with no bleed from the upper or lower register. The lows are more defined and missing the flub and woof of a solid wood guitar.

In effect, the acrylic wings act as a compressor. The overall result of the wood/acrylic fusion and the set neck of a Bell Custom Guitar is long sustain and sharper, more focused tone.
Green River Ordinance guitarist Jamie Ice talks about his Bell Custom Guitar.
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