Just a glance at the CTS-Phantom and you'll notice the differences that make this guitar unique. The CTS-Phantom combines the comfort of the Strat-shaped body with the addition of the plexi wings, out of the way jack input placement and a convenient five-way switch location. A super distortion pickup with a coil tap at the bridge, single coils at mid and neck positions, and a modern tremelo bridge make the CST-Phantom a tone option dream to be sure. $2,395 US.

Body type: Maple/Plexi
Electronics: Five-way Switching
Pickups: Amalfitano Super Distortion with coil tap, single coils
Modern tremelo
Lake Placid blue
Fretboard: Rosewood, 22 Frets
Scale Length:
Neck Width:
Chrome, MOP pickguard, control plate and truss cover

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